Somus 2022

In the first autumn days, from September 29 to October 2, the people of Sombor, as well as lovers of good music from other parts of Serbia, will be able to follow through and watch the jubilee, tenth in a row, Sombor Music Festivities, which in 2017 was the winner of the “Festival of regional importance” of the most prestigious magazine for classical music, Muzika klasika.This musical event, once better known as the Sombor Music Evenings, is considered one of the oldest classical music festivals, which was conceived by professor and pianist Dušan Trbojević back in 1961.His guiding thought was enlightenment, which followed the entire festival, because the goal was to educate a young audience.With a lot of love, dedication and effort, the professor successfully built the foundations of that music festival until the eighties of the previous century.After that, in 2012, professor and pianist Mihajlo Zurković, inspired by the celebratory character of the first classical music festival in the former Yugoslavia, launched the initiative to establish a new festival, which while nurturing tradition relies on old foundations, but with the application of modern, new ideas,meet today’s needs.

Professor and pianist Mihajlo Zurković