The Christmas-New Year series of concerts by the Musical Youth in Novi Sad

As part of the Christmas-New Year cycle, the Musical Youth of Novi Sad, like every year, prepared a rich program, consisting of six concert evenings. Encompassing all genres of artistic music, starting with spiritual, through ethnic Balkan melos and all the way to jazz and classical music, carefully nurturing and following the taste of the audience, Musical Youth is unfailingly able to create a program concept in accordance with the interests of the visitors. If you would like to spend this last month of the year at interesting concert events, as well as to see off this year in traditional style together with the Musical Youth, you can take a look at this year’s program.

The first in a series of concerts will be held on Thursday, December 15, in the Synagogue (Novi Sad), under the name “PESMA HERUVIMA” (The Cherubikon) by Divna Ljubojević and the choir “Melόdi” on the occasion of 30 years of creativity.

The BUNT festival is an integral part of the art scene and music, which can overshadow everyday life

From December 15 to December 28, the tenth “Belgrade Art New Territory” festival will be held, better known as BUNT (hereinafter – Bunt). The audience was impatiently waiting for the beginning of this event, where this year, during six festival days and nine concerts, with a rich musical repertoire starting from baroque, through classical and all the way to traditional Balkan melos, they will experience unforgettable concert days listening to top artists and performers from the domestic and world art scene.

Flautist and founder of the festival, professor Ljubiša Jovanović

Photo: Milan Bašić

Lecture on the topic: (Non)care about Serbian art music – problems and challenges faced by the musical legacies of Serbian composers

On Thursday, December 8 at 7:00 p.m., in the Josip Slavenski Legacy, music theorist Mirko Jeremić will hold a lecture and presentation on (Non)care of Serbian art music – problems and challenges faced by the musical legacies of Serbian composers.

Koncert Akademskog hora „Collegium musicum“ Tragovi iz sazvežđa Regula

U ponedeljak 5. decembra od 20 h u MTS dvorani Doma sindikata održaće se koncert pod nazivom Tragovi iz sazvežđa Regula koji predstavlja svojevrstan omaž osnivaču Akademskog hora „Collegium musicum“ Darinki Matić Marović. Koncert nosi simboličan naziv sa željom da se svi zajedno prisete, kako članovi hora navode, „dirigentkinje, prijateljice, profesorke i sjajne zvezde iz sazvežđa Regula“.

Iz arhive hora “Collegium musicum”

Concert by the orchestra of the School for Musical Talents from Ćuprija and soprano Coline Infante

On Saturday, December 3, in the large hall of the Kolarac endowment from 8 p.m., as part of the project of the Swiss organization “Forgerons du Rêve”, the string orchestra of the School for Musical Talents from Ćuprija and the soprano Coline Infante from France will perform. In addition to a rich repertoire with works by Mendelssohn, Bologne, Gounod, Bartók and Tchaikovsky, the young artists will premiere in French the new works of the composer and creator of this project, Maya Le Roux Obradović – Proverbs and Superstitions and Bazaar of the Four Winds, for which the artist wrote the music and lyrics, and Ave Maria, whose lyrics were written by Frans Magois Leloux.

Maya Le Roux Obradović

Hadži Jakov Milutinović – concert in honor of Stanislav Binički

As part of this year’s choir season, on the occasion of Stanislav Binički’s significant jubilee – 150 years since his birth and 80 years since his death, on Wednesday, November 23, at 8 p.m., in the ceremonial hall of the Serbian Army House, the Choir of Radio and Television of Serbia will perform. The choir will be led by the conductor Hadži Jakov Milutinović, with piano collaboration with pianist Milivoj Veljić and musicologist Ivana Neimarević, who will present the theme of the concert evening, as well as the life of the composer.

The young conductor Hadži Jakov Milutinović, who, in addition to being a conducting student at the Faculty of Music, shows his talent, giftedness and knowledge through compositional work, but also constant involvement with the children’s choir of the Church of St. Basil of Ostrog and with the Choir of the Serbian Radio and Television. Hadži Jakov describes the process of realizing this project as a long-term work that required great commitment, thoroughness and the ability to select and prepare works so that the image and work of the composer are presented in the best possible way.

Hadži Jakov Milutinović – conductor


If you would like to present your ensemble in cities across Europe, as well as to perform in buildings of cultural and artistic significance and in historical residences, you can apply to the digital platform until December 15, 2022. The selected quartets will work on the development of original projects on topics such as: music and art, disability, music and theater, interculturality, music and spaces and young audiences. The development of the project will last three years and will include 38 quartets with a total of 152 artists. The digital platform will be the center from which all activities will take place.

Cuarteto Iberia

54. Belgrade music festivals – BEMUS

Belgrade music festivals are eagerly awaited by the audience every autumn, welcoming famous artists of today’s world classical music scene. At four locations in Belgrade – in the Kolarac Endowment, the Belgrade Philharmonic Hall, the Cathedral Church of St. Archangel Michael and Parish of St. Anthony of Padua – great musicians will be introduced, such as bass-baritone Bryn Terfel, pianist Ivo Pogorelić, violinist Bomsori Kim, pianist Martín García García, Choir “Madrigal – Marin Constantine” from Romania and many others. Special attention is drawn to the series of chamber music concerts that take place in the hall of the Belgrade Philharmonic.

Nemanja Stanković, Bojan Suđić, Damir Handanović, Jelena Janković Begus

photo:Belkisa Abdulovic

The Youth Choir of Church of St Basil of Ostrog (New Belgrade)

In addition to numerous well-attended services, priests and rich architecture, the Church of St. Basil the Wonderworker of Ostrog in New Belgrade is adorned with three choirs: a large church choir, youth and children. Although each exudes a special warmth and spirituality, for the past three years, the youth choir, which consists of elementary school students, high school students and freshmen have attracted the most attention. In addition to their concert performances, its members regularly sing at Holy Liturgies on Saturdays and participate in Sunday and Feast Liturgies when required. The choir was founded at the initiative of Jelena Timotijević, with the blessing and support of the church’s clergy, and in addition to performing skills, it is adorned with mutual love, warmth and unity, which young members selflessly exchange. In addition to numerous concerts, they also showed their skills at the “Music Edict” in Niš, where they attracted special attention, especially from world choirs, with their unusual repertoire.

Belgrade Chopin Fest

The Belgrade Chopin Fest is an international cultural and educational manifestation created in 2012 on the foundations of the piano show of young talents “Chopiniad“, founded in 1990, as the first manifestation in the Balkans dedicated to the piano poet Frederic Chopin. Encompassing a variety of contents in the form of expert lectures, concerts, young talent revues, the festival has become specific, authentic and unusual because through all these activities it not only builds and nurtures the image of the creator.

Artistic director Milenija Reljić