Nikola Jeremić

A film composer, a native of Šabac, created film themes imbued with the melodies of ambient, rock and pop music, with an unusual sound design, attracted the attention of the world film industry as a student, participating in conferences across Europe and America where he was awarded five times for his work in the field of sound and music for visual media by the Audio Engineering Society (AES). Through his first compositions in the films The Killer Mermaid, Amanet and The Rift, he formed a recognizable artistic style and attracted the attention of many fans of film music. His works have been broadcast and performed on many radio and television stations, cinemas and YouTube. At the second short film festival “Revolution Me” in New York in 2015, he was awarded for the best music for the short film Tata. He is currently mostly dedicated to composing music for video games, among which Destiny 2, Warhammer 40K Battlefleet Gothic Armada 2, Pagan Online, Starpoint Gemini and many others stand out. He established cooperation with the Radio-Television of Vojvodina, for which he composes music for the radio drama Kosingas by Aleksandar Tešić. In addition to his artistic work, he is currently an associate lecturer at the Belgrade SAE Institute.