VI Masterclass FEST Anacapri

Organized by the “Concertato” association, whose editor is pianist Veronika Koprivica, the sixth consecutive master class was organized this year in the Italian city of Anacapri, on the island of Capri in the Bay of Naples. Master workshops dedicated to young and talented performers of string and wind instruments, as well as piano, will be held in two sessions from July 12 to 25, 2023. In addition to solo performers, chamber ensembles can also participate.

During nine days, young artists will have the opportunity to perfect their performing skills in cooperation with world-renowned and experienced professors, who will develop artistic expressiveness in young performers through expressiveness, improvisation and technical performance. The work plan and program is designed so that each participant attends four one-hour classes with the selected lecturer. It is planned that classes will be held every other day so that students can practice at available locations in the meantime.

This year, the lecturers for piano and chamber music include Leon Livshin, Veronika Koprivica; Dmitri Berlinsky and Ian van Rensburg were hired for violin and chamber music; cello is taught by Johan Stern, and viola by Nora Romanoff Schwarzberg and Simonide Braconi; from wind instruments, clarinet is taught by Anton Dressler, and trombone by Elias Faingersh.

• Participants have free entry to concerts, recitals and other events organized during the master class. Morning walks and yoga classes will be organized as a way of taking care of mental and physical condition.

Evening concerts with professors are planned. You will be able to listen to renowned musicians, play, talk and exchange ideas with other participants. All concerts will be shared on “Concertato” social media channels.

There are two sessions available in this release:

First week from July 12 to 19, 2023

  • Dmitri Berlinsky – violin/chamber music
  • Leon Livshin – piano/chamber music
  • Anton Dressler – clarinet/chamber music

Second week from July 17 to 25, 2023

  • Johan Stern – cello/chamber music
  • Ian van Rensburg – violin
  • Veronika Koprivica – piano/chamber music

In the period from July 17 to 21, 2023.

  • Elias Faingersh – trombone

More detailed information, as well as applications for master workshops, can be found at: